Legend of the Blue Dragon -

The Two Heroes

Warriors box art

  • Developer: Game Freak

  • Publisher: T&E Soft

  • Genre: Action/Turn-based RPG

  • Release Date: January 17, 1997

On January 17th, 1997, T&E Soft released WARRIORS Legend of the Blue Dragon -The Two Heroes- (Japanese title: BUSHI青龍伝〜二人の勇者〜) for the Super Famicom. Developed by Game Freak, it was originally scheduled to be released by Enix in March of 1996 under the title "Legend of the Magatama" (Japanese: 勾玉伝説), but those plans were stopped, then the game was passed to T&E Soft before it was eventually released. The game mixes turn-based combat with platforming and a leveling system. At the same time, it introduces turn-limitations that push the player to defeat enemies in as few turns as possible. This battle system is called "relative time action role-playing."

Although in screenshots, the game may look like a typical action platformer, monsters only move or take action when the player does (similar to games like Shiren the Wanderer), making the battle stages play out more like a game of chess. As the player proceeds through the game, they will level up, gaining strength and new items and abilities (which will come in handy when revisiting older stages to break old records).

The plot of the game concerns a grand battle that involves mythical gods and monstrous creatures both big and small. The player takes the role of an orphaned child, the son of one of the four Warriors who served the Goddess of the Mountains on Gotou Island. You can find out exactly what happens now that the American English patch for WARRIORS Legend of the Blue Dragon -The Two Heroes- has been released!

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Warriors intro and title screen

The Basics of Combat

Learn how combat and your Mind's Eye works by training with Mr. Ido. Combat is handled as a turn-based system. The game waits for you to take your turn, and then the enemy gets their turn.

You'll learn many abilities, such as a charge attack that deals increasing levels of damage and reaches enemies above and behind you. But each level of charge will further exhaust Jin after the attack, and you'll be defenseless while he recovers.

If you're much stronger than the enemy, striking them on the field with your sword will automatically defeat them and avoid battle.

But if you want to force a battle, you can use Woku to initiate combat. This allows you to redo battles with weaker enemies to earn more experience, items, and magatama.

Regardless of strength, if an enemy initiates combat first, you will be forced into battle and forfeit your first turn.

Jin meets the mysterious Woku, who claims that she used to be a human. She will be his companion for this game.

Woku can help Jin reach higher places and carry him over gaps.

As the game progresses, she will learn new skills to help in battle.

Magatama and the Binding Pillar

The Binding Pillar is the source of the monsters.

Magatama are the crystallized forms of goodness itself. If you win a battle in fewer turns than the target number or your best record, you'll earn the difference as magatama. So the quicker you win, the more magatama you'll get.

You must use the magatama to destroy the Binding Pillar. But how many will it take to do so?

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