Super Chinese 3

Super Chinese 3 box art

  • Developer: Culture Brain

  • Publisher: Culture Brain

  • Genre: Action RPG

  • Release Date: March 1, 1991

Super Chinese 3, the last Famicom entry in the Super Chinese series, refined the formula that was established in its predecessor. While it removed the various sporting event races that were in Super Chinese 2, it includes more platforming sections and it changes up the perspective in battle. Instead of staying with part 2's overhead view, it features a perspective that is similar to Double Dragon.

This third entry in the series also has a third character who joins Jack and Ryu in battle for the very first time (and wouldn't join them again until Super Chinese Fighter). It's Bokuchin, who first appeared as an NPC in Super Chinese 2! Bokuchin injects some nice comedy into the mix, and he will even fight alongside Jack and Ryu in the RPG battles. You can't control him directly, but he's still a lot of fun to have around.

The plot of the game introduces the Galactic Army, which has come from outer space to take over Chinese Land. The events in Super Chinese 3 set the stage for the Super Famicom entries, so those games will make a little more sense if you've played this entry first. That said, the series doesn't take itself too seriously. It sometimes pokes fun at itself, and even breaks the fourth wall. You never know what to expect!

This patch makes the game playable in English (specifically, American English) for the very first time, which means that all of the console entries in the series are finally available after so many years.

Version 1

Last modified: May 2, 2022

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  • Filename: Super Chinese 3 (Japan)

  • File size: 256 KB (262,160 bytes)

  • CRC32: A881260A

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Super Chinese 3
Translation Patch (Version 1)

----------------------- GENERAL INFORMATION-----------------------
Target file specifications:
Filename: Super Chinese 3 (Japan)File size: 256 KB (262,160 bytes)CRC32: A881260A
This patch is for "Super Chinese 3" on the Famicom.The text has been translated from Japanese into American English.
The target Japanese ROM must have a size of 256 KB (262,160 bytes),and have a CRC32 checksum of A881260A.If not, the patch will not work as intended.
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