Super Chinese World

Super Chinese World box art

  • Developer: Culture Brain

  • Publisher: Culture Brain

  • Genre: Action RPG

  • Release Date: December 28, 1991

Super Chinese World is the first Super Famicom entry in the series, which was officially translated as Super Ninja Boy. However, the official English translation of the game changed a great deal. The lines had been given a laughably bad translation. The dialogue was shortened and censored, the game's epilogue was removed, and cuts were even made to the graphics. They attempted to provide a cleaner look to the game as well, but a lot of the game's original charm and personality got lost in the process.

This patch aims to give players the chance to experience a strikingly different and much more satisfying translation of Super Chinese World.

But this patch offers more than just a new translation of the script. It also fixes all of the graphics that were glitched in the Japanese version (without turning the game into a Final Fantasy IV look-alike in the process).

As usual, you can play the game in single player or two player mode, and with this patch, some of the text will change slightly depending on whether there are one or two people playing the game.

The story begins with Chinese Land being visited by a fleet of spaceships that have come on behalf of the Interstellar Peace Council to spread peace across the cosmos. Chinese Land joined the council and everyone was happy for a while... But not long after the spaceships had left, the world still wasn't entirely at peace. Jack and Ryu had no choice but to head out once again to bring peace back to the world.

Version 1

Last modified: May 2, 2022

Target file specifications:

  • Filename: Super Chinese World (Japan)

  • File size: 1.00 MB (1,048,576 bytes)

  • CRC32: 52FFF0BF

Readme File

Super Chinese World
Translation Patch (Version 1)

----------------------- GENERAL INFORMATION-----------------------
Target file specifications:
Filename: Super Chinese World (Japan)File size: 1.00 MB (1,048,576 bytes)CRC32: 52FFF0BF
This patch is for "Super Chinese World" on the Super Famicom.The text has been translated from Japanese into American English.
The target Japanese ROM must have a size of 1.00 MB (1,048,576 bytes),and have a CRC32 checksum of 52FFF0BF.If not, the patch will not work as intended.
This patch is not for rehosting on

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