Go for it!


The Rescue of Princess Yuki

Goemon 1 box art

  • Developer: Konami

  • Publisher: Konami

  • Genre: Action Adventure

  • Release Date: July 17, 1991

"Go for it! Goemon: The Rescue of Princess Yuki" is the first SNES entry in the series by Konami. It was localized and released in English as "Legend of the Mystical Ninja", with some substantial changes for Western audiences. It features single player and two player co-op modes, with a mix of overhead and sidescrolling action stages.

Goemon, the legendary thief, hears about a mysterious ghost woman causing trouble in his home of Oedo. He and Ebisumaru set out to restore the peace, but end up on a journey that spans across Japan.

Version 2

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