Super Chinese 2

Super Chinese 2 box art

  • Developer: Culture Brain

  • Publisher: Culture Brain

  • Genre: Action RPG

  • Release Date: May 26, 1989

Despite being the second Famicom entry in the Super Chinese series, Super Chinese 2 changed everything and set the tone for nearly the entire span of the series. It changed from being an arcade-action style game to a fighting-RPG hybrid.

Why does it need a fan translation, though? Wasn't it already given an official translation? That is true, but there are several issues with the original translation. As usual, there were issues with censorship and the writing was a little iffy at times, but not only that, certain interactive segments of the game were cut out entirely, and replaced with characters just explaining via dialogue what players would have found out in a much more entertaining way (and now they will)!

One of the most interesting mistakes in the original was the way the difficulty modes were named... In Japanese the names for the difficulty were rather unique, so they tried to simplify them as Hard, Normal, and Easy... The only problem is, what they called "Easy" was actually a mode that varies the difficulty depending on the skill level of the player. (This way, somebody who was great at the game could still play with a friend or family member who wasn't so good in a way that felt right for both of them.) So what they had called "Normal" was the real "Easy" mode, and what they called "Easy" could very well be just as hard as the Hard mode!

There was also one aspect of the game that was cut for a more understandable reason. The Japanese game includes a segment that made use of the Famicom's microphone on the 2P controller. (Since the NES didn't have a microphone, this part wasn't possible.)

Fortunately, with the magic of emulation, you don't even need a mic! By binding the mic to key presses through the emulator's controller options, you can make the game think you're using the Famicom's mic - without any mic at all, just a few presses of some buttons!

With this patch, the game will also recognize whether you're playing alone or with another player, and alter the wording slightly to account for that.

Now, everyone can enjoy the original, uncut story that changed everything for Jack and Ryu, as their martial arts instructor Tenpuku sends them on a mission to collect the seven prism bells and save Chinese Land from the dreaded Super Dorai and the Ghastly Army. Jack and Ryu aren't actually brothers, but they do make a great team, and if you played "Little Ninja Brothers" before, you really should give this new translation a try. You're in for a few big surprises!

Version 1

Last modified: May 2, 2022

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  • Filename: Super Chinese 2 - Dragon Kid (Japan)

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  • CRC32: 0C2CE5B5

The microphone in the Famicom's second controller is required to progress at a late point in the game, so make sure your emulator supports this functionality.

Readme File

Super Chinese 2: Dragon Kids
Translation Patch (Version 1)

----------------------- GENERAL INFORMATION-----------------------
Target file specifications:
Filename: Super Chinese 2 - Dragon Kid (Japan)File size: 256 KB (262,160 bytes)CRC32: 0C2CE5B5
This patch is for "Super Chinese 2: Dragon Kids" on the Famicom.The text has been translated from Japanese into American English.
The target Japanese ROM must have a size of 256 KB (262,160 bytes),and have a CRC32 checksum of 0C2CE5B5.If not, the patch will not work as intended.
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